Over a period of time complacency began to set in into the industry and there was an overriding feeling that most had become paper pushers with little or no thought as to why a client would hire us in the first place. While the human interface was there, the essence of the criticality of the function went missing.

Having worked in the tech space and with an understanding of the pain points of the clients, we honed our processes even more. We have always adhered to stringent processes in order to reduce the human error involved while providing the right fit to our clients, now we went one step ahead and incorporated AI in order to strike a balance between human and tech intervention to create an efficient system. This not only aids the clients but also enhances our efficiency levels.

A graphical representation is given below to illustrate the point.

Sourcing Process


Our Process

Step 1

Profiling – Understand the role requirement

Get an understanding of the role and responsibilities of the position. How does the position fit into the larger scheme of things and the contributors to the success of the position.

Step 2 

Searching – Search internal and external database

Map the position with the internal database as well as external sources in order to find the right fit.

Step 3 

Identifying – Identify the right candidates

What makes us different is our ability to source the right individual who may or may not be an active candidate in the market.

Step 4 

Candidate Screening (Telephonic/ personal interview) and shortlisting

Having identified the applicants, the next step is screening the candidates. Our consultants speak to the shortlisted candidates and explain the role and expectations. Besides the role requirements, the softer aspects of the candidate and organizational fitment is also evaluated.

Step 5

Candidate interview with the client  

Our shortlisted candidates are them sent to the client for a meeting (interview).

Step 6

Offer stage

The selected candidates move to the next stage – the offer stage. Offer Is made on the basis of the market benchmarking and budget allocated by the client.    

Step 7 

Joining the Company –

The candidate is kept warm till the date of joining the company.

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